deviantArtist shoomlah created a redesign of Pocahontas for her gorgeous "Historical Disney Princesses" series, in which she took cues from the films as to their probable time periods, researched the dress of those periods, and redrew the Princesses in clothing with a higher (though still stylized) degree of accuracy.

She received honest critique on some elements of her Pocahontas design, from people more familiar with actual 17th century Powhatan dress and history, some of whose ancestry was rooted in that history. And, to her very great credit, she took that critique graciously to heart and chose to create an even lovelier and more historically accurate version of her design which incorporated what she had learned. She also specifically cited her own concerns over misrepresenting a real person, as opposed to a fairy tale character, as part of her explanation for the change.

No hard feelings, no anger or insecurity. Just sensible integrity, an open heart, and a willingness to expand her own horizons.

This is how you do it, guys. ♥